3TIER Unveils Firstlook Assessment

NAW Staff
by NAW Staff
on June 05, 2007 No Comments

3TIER, a provider of energy forecast products, has released its Firstlook Assessment, a Web-based tool that provides a wind and power resource assessment.

‘Firstlook does exactly what its name says: It provides an initial look at potential wind sites for customers, but at $2,500, it is a tenth the price of a traditional wind assessment,’ says Kenneth Westrick, 3TIER's founder and chief executive officer. ‘In just minutes, Firstlook produces a complete wind assessment report, delivered in PDF format directly to the customer over the Internet.’

Firstlook is accessible 24 hours a day and includes analysis from the company's advanced numerical weather prediction modeling technology, 3TIER says. For more information on the tool, visit www.3tiergroup.com

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